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Frontier Comic

Creating this comic has been long awaited project...and now that I'm putting it together I've decided to collect and share the process online here with you. Character sketches, notes, and other aspects of the project will be occasionally uploaded here.

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The android 'LAM' aboard the Northwind...

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Admiral Van Ice. Commanding a fleet of warship dirigibles.

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Michael. Self-appointed right hand of God, and your passport to salvation.

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Miss Marzot. Linguist, archaeologist, and curator of an artifactual museum until she and Sol, an evolutionary chimp, stow away on the Northwind.

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Tabitha. Nobody would be flying Northwind anywhere safely without the engineer who designed the prototype ship.

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Icarus. Can fly just about anything, and with Tabitha's help even the Northwind.

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Clyve. Burdened with a prophecy as a young child events came to pass that gave him a newfound faith in things such as prophecies. Now he leads a rag-tag band of adventurers into space in search of an artifact....

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Alfred is a linguist and scholar...very good with several languages and is a practicing physician. He assists as best he can aboard the Northwind.

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Jade AKA Babe. She's a double agent, but the crew doesn't know this....lethal and seductive, the Northwind could take any number of turns on its adventures. Will she force a return to Earth or embrace this newfound freedom aboard the Northwind.

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Sol. Genetically improved in every except for a sense of humility.