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I thought it would be helpful for one project to show my process in pencil sketches (digital and traditional) along with some final rendered works. I've always been uber fascinated with myths, legends, fairies, and the magical creatures that inhabit our imaginations.

Mark northcott elven warrior 2

A coworker of mine exhibited a feisty attitude while working together one day - so it was only fitting to remember her as the 'go-getting' elven archer that she is deep down!

Mark northcott hunting

When I first started this sketch in a local pub the waitress was glaring at me for the longest time because as I start a sketch like this I never cloth my subjects....hmmm - maybe I should stick to creating in the studio.

Mark northcott image

Sketched this out during a figure drawing experience. Even though the subject was seated I couldn't resist adding a little more flair to the scene as the night went on.

Mark northcott image

When I think of Tinkerbell I often wonder what the rest of her true potential looks like. Here she is defending herself against an intruder to the realm....

Mark northcott image

I believe Portals exist everywhere - they merely require the proper key to pass through them.

Mark northcott image

Queen of Ivy and other groundcover sprites, fairies and imps.

Mark northcott image

A field sketch on location in Rome, Italy. This church was more a cathedral in my mind.

Mark northcott image

While I'm not that jazzed about sketching cars these days I was compelled to explore a perspective for a friend - and I just kept going!

Mark northcott img 0267

I call it 'Methusala IV' just because of the way it sounds and I find the reference in the 'good book' amusingly connective. This was inked at work "shhhh...." and colored at the Calgary Comic Con with Copic Sketch Markers in 2017.